Monday, January 1, 2007

Getting Ready

Mark and I are getting our apartment ready for someone else to move in. It's harder than you might think. In the five years that I've lived in the apartment, I've accumulated a lot of "stuff". Thankfully we only have to move our personal things out from the bedroom. Everything else will stay as it is until we return.

We're also both a bit sentimental about our home. We had our last leisurely breakfast this morning. Mark leaves for Toronto on Saturday, so this is the last time we'll sit in our dining room enjoying coffee from our espresso maker and Montreal bagels from the market.

Today is also the day that Spunky leaves home and the espresso maker - his favourite roost in the apartment. I hope that he gets along okay with Mike. He's a brave man. No one else would take Spunky, so we're thankful Mike agreed to be the foster parent while we're away. If it doesn't go well, we're in trouble.

It's New Year's day. 2007 has begun.

- Janet


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet & Mark -
I just heard that you are on your way to Ghana.....lucky you!
My friend Rita is from Ghana and has invited me a number of times to come with her when she goes home to visit. I think I will take her up on it the next time he goes....hope it's soon.
I want to wish you both a safe trip and a wonderful experience to be forever remembered. Take care & God bless.....judy mcnab

vee said...

Hi Janet!
I heard Mark's interview on the radio and I can not wait to follow your blog to see what you are up to in Ghana! All the best!
Virginia S.

Anonymous said...

farewell, mark! keep in touch!

hey.. what are you doing with the espresso maker?


913 said...

Hello Mark and Janet how are you both when you guy are both back I am gong to get baptism and I want Mark and Janet to be my God parent for it we all miss you in Saint John guys and can not wait in till you come back I miss you both I love you both

by: Rickey cook

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark and Janet,
Now i can comment to yoy now thanks to Janet showing me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
Hopefully by now you have arrived safely in Ghana. We were thinking of you all day. Quite a snowstorm here and very cold tonight. We had a nice dinner at the the Thomson's Everyone was asking about you. Take care. I will call Janet tomorrow.
Love, Myummy and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark and Janet:

I hope you are enjoying your time in Ghana so far. Hopefully you will post some photos of your great adventure soon! Keep well and enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that you arrived safely. We were thinking of you all day on Tuesday. We look forward to hearing about your (and Janet's) adventure! Take care,

allie and gang

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here thinking of you. Cynthia Keddy is here with me and we have just finished lunch. It is raining really hard. Hope all is going well with you. I will call you as soon as I talk to Janet and she tells me how to use the phone card.
Love, Mummy

Anonymous said...

All the best, uncle dave

Jennifer said...

Hi Mark and Janet,

I just finished getting caught up on your blog entries. You both are so brave- but your adventure does sound exciting! Mark I'm so proud of you (for buying an iron!) Tee hee...
Your big sister, Wee Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark & Janet

I've been reading your blog with interest. Hope you are both well and I can tell you are having fun.

Best regards,
Pat Pelley